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As an advertising agency in South Florida, Green Dot performs all the tasks of a conference design company for our clients conference exhibits and trade shows. Our conference exhibit designers create custom conference exhibits and trade show displays specifically designed to capture the attention of your industries buyers.

Our South Florida conference planning department takes care of every detail for your companies upcoming conference or exhibit. We have created conference exhibit designs that feature multimedia presentations including audio, video and interactivity. Our conference exhibit designers take great pride in developing cutting edge trade show displays.

As a conference design company in South Florida, the entire trade show exhibit can be designed, produced, stored, maintained and shipped from location to location by us. We can even make sure that our professionals assemble all the components of your conference exhibit, letting you focus on your clients well being. All you have to worry about for your next conference or trade show is what to do with all that left over time.

Trade Shows are a good place to make new contacts, introduce new products and network with your peers. At these events, it is very important that you have an impressive display, since your customers will judge and evaluate you based simply on how your display looks. They will also be comparing you with your competition, usually situated only a few feet away! If their displays put yours to shame, guess what? You will lose even your best customers.

On the other hand, if your company is relatively new on the scene and steals the show, you cash in on the flip side of this phenomenon. There is no other environment than trade shows where presentation alone makes such a big difference. It is easy to get bored walking around a trade show all day, so give prospective customers a reason to hang out at your display. Dazzle them. Then when you have their attention, inform them with specifics. It will be worth every penny.

Also, utilize new media such as multimedia and video to attract customers. Trade shows are the perfect environment to use these interactive tools. Involving your potential customers with your products is very powerful. With such an interactive approach, customers do not feel any pressure from sales people and can go at their own pace. Further, this gives your company a modern image and makes you come off as current and on the ball.

Exposing your trade show display to target customers is often a very good idea. If you manufacture a waterproof speaker, for instance, it will be worth your while to make your presence known at boat shows across the country. These are the people who are most likely to buy your product. If you can not afford a booth, place an ad in the printed guides published for these shows.

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