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Radio Commercials in South Florida

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Advertising on the radio in South Florida can be an effective way to get the word out about your business and it's services. At Green Dot we offer a host of radio commercial production services for our clients. We can manage and create your radio spots from concept to completions.

However, before beginning a radio advertising campaign in South Florida, it is important to define the target audience and study what the competition is up to. Armed with this knowledge it is much easier to create a radio spot with some strategic value. When advertising on the radio it is important to repeat your company name or offer often during the Radio Spot.

We coordinate all aspects of radio commercial production in South Florida from the initial idea to the final cut. We start with the storyboard for the radio spot. Once the concept is approved, radio commercial production is ready to begin. We have access to some of the most talented voice over, actors, and narrators. We bring together the best talent for your radio spots.

Radio in South Florida has less research to support what works and what does not than any other medium. It should go without saying however, to mention your product early and often. Also, you should promise some kind of benefit. Most of us listen to the radio in our cars while commuting to and from work. We represent an enormously sizable captive audience with nothing better to do while sitting in traffic. If you are promoting a grand opening, a special sale or anything newsworthy, radio is inexpensive and effective.

An important point to remember is that people quickly get annoyed with radio commercials because they are able to recall the words without images to distract them. A simple solution is to make several different commercials. Finally, compared with television, radio commercials are almost free.

Premium placement in a magazine or on television is an important ingredient in the success of your advertising campaign. If you thought only large ad agencies get good placement, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We have cultivated relationships in South Florida with media vendors of all kinds. From outdoor advertisers and publications to cable operators and Internet marketing resources, your ads will get front and center placement, if you so desire.

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