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South Florida Marketing research allows premium placement in a magazine or on television to be an important ingredient in the success of your advertising campaign. If you thought only large Ad Agencies get good placement, you'll be pleasantly surprised that all it takes is a little marketing research to find out when and where the best time to place your ad is.

Marketing Research as well as online marketing research can involve a number of different research strategies. Each market research strategy is different you may need only one type of research or you may require local, state and national market research.

Here is a list of research services Green Dot currently offers:

Federal / State Trademark Search

We search the files of the Federal Trademark and Patent Office to verify that you can legally apply for ownership of the mark we are proposing. Search results provide detailed reports describing the availability of the marks, and give full details on federal and state registered marks that could possibly be in conflict.

Database Search in South Florida

We scan over 15,000 publications and pull current articles and commentary on any company, industry, or category.Business-to-Business Advertising SpendingWe can obtain business-to-business statistics on how much you competition spent in trade print media in the past year. This report also identifies which trade publications they spent their budget, the total number of pages purchases, and the total dollars spent in each publication.

Industry Ad Spending in South Florida

Reports what a particular industry spends on advertising as a percentage of sales, advertising as a percentage of margin, and the trend from last year to this year. Print Media / Business & Consumer PublicationsLists all trade publications targeting a specific industry. Plus, we can pull a full record for each publication you would like information on. A full record includes contact information, circulation figures, rates, readership analysis and much more.

South Florida Market Research Reports

Available for almost any industry, these reports detail market growth trends, market environment, forecasts, product trends and more.

South Florida Market Briefings

Condensed version of industry highlights. A Market Briefing provides succinct bullet points on market size, share of market, key players, forecasts and trends..

South Florida Company Briefings

A condensed report on a specific company we supply a business summary, officer's names, financial information, sic codes, earnings estimates, revenue information and quarterly data.

Country Briefings

These reports are designed to inform you of subtly nuances of foreign markets. The information includes reporting and analysis of trends in Gross Domestic Product, population growth, employment factors, disposable income, money supply, international trade regulations and participation, political issues and other key statistics.

National Surveys

Green Dot has the ability to conduct an instant national survey. This quick and inexpensive research report gathers hundreds of opinions on new products or services, logos, slogans, and countless other issues. We provide the questions and broadcast fax the survey to our network of research members and return the results directly to you.

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