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Package Designs in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Packaging / Presentation in Ft. Lauderdale is your final chance to make or break the sale. Obviously, if you are using direct mail, you do not need any package design. In retail, however,your customer has seen your ads and is finally standing opposite your product in the store. Your package design will be the deciding factor that leads to the sale.

The most important thing is that your packaging design fits the image spun by your advertising. If this is not the case, your potential customer will become suspicious and you may loose the sale. Even worse, if your product looks nothing like what the customer expects after having seen your ads, he may not even be able to find it in the store. The less advertising you do, the more selling your packaging needs to do. If you do not have a well rounded campaign, your packaging should have call outs highlighting the most impressive features of your product. This is especially true for electronics or any other product where the customer may want to compare features.

The colors of your packaging, too, are very important. Blue works well for electronics. It calms the buyer. This is especially true when you are buying a product like a computer and you do not understand how it works technically. Research has shown that red, yellow and orange work well for food packaging because they arouse hunger. Can you think of a fast food restaurant that does not have red in the logo somewhere? Or how about the frozen food section in the supermarket? Green inspires trust and is often used by lawyers or accountants. It is also the color of money. Take a lesson from the proven research and use color to your advantage.

If you can make your packaging unique, you greatly increase the chance of having potential customers pick up and inspect your product. Fractal Design packages their painter software in a paint bucket. This is highly unusual for software and stands out on the shelf. Once you have gotten the potential customer to pick up your product, complete the sale. Do this by including as much information about your product on the packaging as possible. Those who include more facts about what their product will do for will undoubtedly win he sales game.

Designing product packaging in Ft. Lauderdale requires experience and industry knowledge. That is why before ever starting any package designs, we carefully research the industry and package designs of the competition. Additionally, package designing requires product knowledge. That is why before beginning a product packaging design we get to know the product, its use and its strengths and weaknesses.

Armed with this information, we begin designing product packaging with a purpose. Setting and achieving goals with you products' packaging design is important to success. Generating a measurable result is only possible with a package design that identifies needs in the market and fills those needs, desires and dreams.

Our packaging designs have been very successful and praised by our clients. Designing product packaging is almost always part of a bigger advertising and marketing effort for our clients. First we create an identity for their product or brand and then the packaging. Designing packaging that fits in with the overall marketing objectives is very important for brand recognition and awareness.

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